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-Analyze all medical records looking for useful medical evidence

The process of filing an Application, handling a case through the appeals process, preparing for a hearing, and getting a favorable result from an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can be difficult. That's why it's important to hire the right firm when looking for representation. 

-Explain the medical evidence to the claimant so that they understand the medical evidence

What We Do When We Handle A Claim...


-File an Application and any necessary appeals including a Request for Hearing


 -Are you currently working? No  problem. You can draw Social  Security Disability even if you are  working!!! 

 -You can draw Social Security  Disbaility for a "period of disability".

-Not all Social Security representatives are created equally. That's why our Social Security professionals only practice Social Security and nothing else! You can trust we're focused on winning your case.

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This is why it is critical that a claimant understand how to answer certain types of questions from an ALJ including questions about the medical history, such as when a specific set of symptoms occurred and how long the symptoms lasted. Here at Law Office of James D. Howes, PLLC we make it our business to keep our clients informed and prepared for anything the judge throws at them. We spend hours before the hearing with each client making sure they understand the medical record and all the issues surrounding their claim. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong answer to get denied by an ALJ. We will make sure you are prepared with the knowledge you need to help us help you win a disability award. 

​​The majority of all Social Security cases for disability end up before an ALJ who determines the case. The ALJ will question a claimant about his or her medical history, daily activities, symptoms and the associated limitations, work history, and anything else the judge deems necessary.  

-Find and obtain all pertinent medical records 


-Help each claimant prepare their testimony for the Hearing

-Use the law to craft expert arguments for disability that give claimants the best opportunity to win

-Question and cross examine all witnesses including doctors and vocational experts

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