Workers’ Compensation

Insurance carrier denying your claim for work comp benefits?

Carriers will find any reason they can to deny your claim, even when it is legitimate. If you have a genuine injury and feel like you’re getting the run-around or being treated unfairly, you probably are. We will give you a free consultation and discuss your options on what can be done to force them into paying the proper benefits.

Employer refusing to file a claim for you?

We often see situations where an injured worker is unable to get help because their employer refuses to file an insurance claim for them. If this is happening to you, we can help by locating the responsible carrier and filing a claim for benefits on your behalf.

Have you been offered a settlement by an insurance carrier?

Carriers will often make minimal offers when liability is clear for an injury, and they are usually only a fraction of the actual value of your case. We will get you more money than what’s been offered, and if we can’t, we won’t charge you a fee!

Do you have a repetitive motion injury? 

One of the most common types of work injury is those caused by doing the same repetitive activities every day at work over a long period of time. Insurance companies particularly like to deny these claims because they are more complex than an acute injury and therefore more difficult to prove. However, we are highly experienced in this field of practice and work closely with medical professionals to fight for you in these situations.

Unhappy with your current attorney?

If you currently have an attorney and don’t feel like they are truly doing anything to help, you may be right. It is common for attorneys to take workers’ compensation cases with no intention of truly filing a lawsuit for their client. They are often just hoping some kind of settlement offer will come from the carrier without having to do the work of litigation so they can make an easy fee without having to work for it. Be sure that your lawyer is someone who regularly litigates workers’ comp cases or you could be in danger of being recommended to accept less that what your claim is truly worth.